Visualization in Practice 2017

at IEEE VIS 2017, Phoenix, Arizona, October 1-6, 2017

ViP Workshop - Visualization Solutions in the Wild

The 2017 Workshop on Visualization in Practice (VIP) is an opportunity for visualization practitioners and researchers to meet and share experiences, insights, and ideas in applying the latest visualization and visual analytics research to real world problems. VIP targets work at the interface between visualization research and specific application domains. It is highly interdisciplinary and focused on delivering actual value to users. This year, we specifically focus on visualization solutions in the wild, i.e. on tools, systems, or frameworks which are actively used. The workshop will cover all aspects from their initial conception and design, the process of getting them into use, and the long-term work of extending and sustaining them.

Monday, October 2; 2:00PM - 3:40 PM; 207 Lecture Hall

Welcome! - Bernd Hentschel

Keynote Address - Exploranation
Anders Ynnerman, Linköping University

Abstract: This talk will take its starting point in the on-going convergence of exploratory and explanatory visualization paradigms. Based on the general availability of processing power, access to data and ever improving visualization methods, explanatory visualization can be data driven and fully interactive. This leads to a paradigm shift in visual learning and communication, enabling a new generation of installations and demonstrations at public venues such as, museums, planetariums and science centers. At the same time, explanatory methods can pave the path for new approaches to exploration and workflows for domain experts, and also improve internal team communication. The talk will elaborate on how the cycle from exploratory to explanatory visualization can be closed, leading to notion of “exploranation”. Examples will be taken from a range of applications domains such as the volumetric rendering of exotic animals and mummies on touch tables as well as visualization of space exploration using the OpenSpace software in large scale dome theaters.

Paper - Belle2VR – A Virtual Reality Visualization of Subatomic Particle Physics
Z. Duer, L. Piilonent, G. Glasson
Paper - Dealing with Sparse Domain Information - Visualization Practice Lessons
B. Karer, A. Freund, M. Horst, I. Scheler, H. Hagen

Monday, October 2; 4:15PM - 5:55 PM; 207 Lecture Hall

Paper - Spatiotemporal Driven Analysis of Law Enforcement Data
G. Wang, A. Akers, J. F. de Queiroz Neto, C. Surakitbanharn, D. Ebert
Paper - Large-scale Web-based Visual Analytics Made Easy
Y. Wang
Paper - Requirements Analysis & Concepts for Future European Air Traffic Control Systems
G. Rottermanner, M. Wagner, V. Settgast, V. Grantz, M. Iber, U. Kriegshaber, W. Aigner, P. Judmaier, and E. Eggeling
Paper - Activelec: an Interaction-Based Visualization System to Analyze Household Electricity Consumption
J. Wambecke, G.-P. Bonneau, R. Blanch, R. Vergne

Poster Lightning Talks

Closing - Daniela Oelke

Posters – Wednesday, Oct 4; 301-AB